Playhouses lined up in a row by Westwood Sheds in South Carolina.

A Place to Play This Summer: Outdoor Playhouses

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and – if your little ones are anything like ours – the kids are getting more and more restless, sensing those summer days ahead. When it comes to the summer months, parents around the country all have to answer the question, “What are we going to do today?” Our answer at Westwood Sheds? An outdoor playhouse! 

Westwood’s playhouses provide an outdoor building for your backyard and a project for your children to enjoy all summer long. Designed with the same excellence as our storage solutions, Westwood’s playhouses are made especially for little hands and big imaginations! 

Why Invest in an Outdoor Playhouse?

As adults, we want our own spaces, so why not give our youngest family members the space they need as well? Here are several ways an outdoor playhouse will be the highlight of the summer. 

Get Your Little Ones Active Outside

In a world of tablets, smartphones, video games, and streaming services, we’re all on the lookout for ways to help our kiddos unplug and experience the world around them. With our outdoor playhouses, they’ll get fresh air, exercise, and plenty of imaginative play, creating a world all their own. 

A teal blue playhouse as an outdoor building built by Westwood Sheds in South Carolina.

Create a Playhouse for Educational Projects

With school out of session, that doesn’t mean learning has to stop! With Westwood’s playhouses, your family will have a whole new space to foster creativity, learning, and experiential education. Use the playhouse as a mini garden shed, a scientist’s workshop, or an artist’s studio. The possibilities for your playhouse are endless. Find out what your kids are most inspired by, and then engage them in crafting a space that sparks their growing minds. 

A child's hands coloring on a table.

Let Their Personal Tastes Shine

So maybe you didn’t want to paint their bedroom bright purple, but now with their own outdoor playhouse, the little ones can have artistic say in their space. With more than 25 siding colors in our Smartside Outdoor Playhouses, the whole family can create a place that is both beautiful and fun! Plus, since our playhouses are designed with little hands and feet in mind, the playhouse is the perfect place for kids to have a say in some kid-sized furniture! 

The interior of an outdoor playhouse by Westwood Sheds in South Carolina.

Build Memories That Will Last Together

Our outdoor playhouses come with the same industry-leading, eight-year warranty as our sheds and storage solutions so they are built to last. They can sustain many hours of grass-stained tennis shoes, muddy paws, picnics, water gun fights, paint spills, and more. But even more than being built to weather the seasons, our playhouses are designed to help families build memories that will last a lifetime. 

An older man and a girl work together on a wood working project in an outdoor building.

Ready to create a safe space where your kids can dream, learn, play, and create this summer? Get started today by exploring the customizable options behind Westwood’s outdoor playhouses. The playhouse you build this summer comes with the promise of all Westwood products, designed and crafted with excellence: built for life. Find a Westwood location near you



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