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Customizing Your Perfect Workshop


Summertime is here which means longer days and warmer weekends to spend time diving into those outdoor projects you’ve wanted to tackle for last several months. Whether you’re looking to finally clear out your garden storage and create a personal plant nursery, organize those tools and create a carpenter’s workshop, or set aside some creative space for an artist’s studio, Westwood Sheds has everything you need to customize your perfect workshop.

Check out our list of customizations to consider when building a shed that functions as a workshop for any summer project you have on the agenda.

Start With Your Shed’s Style

While Westwood offers a variety of shed styles, all suitable for your various hobbies and projects, some are especially suited to become workshops. For additional lofted storage, our Lofted Barn provides unparalleled space to store all the tools you need to make your summer hobbies a reality. 


Add on our Handyman Package

Our Handyman Package has every add-on you’d need to make your shed into the workshop that will sustain your hobbies for years to come. With an interior wall and door for separate storage, a pegboard, a workbench, and more, the Handyman Package has “workshop” written all over it.

The interior of a Westwood shed. Westwood's Handyman Package adds an additional interior wall and door to maximize storage.
Westwood's Handyman Package adds an additional interior wall and door to maximize storage.
Westwood's Handyman Package includes a 6' workbench and pegboard for additional workshop capabilities.
Westwood's Handyman Package includes a 6' workbench and pegboard.

Maximize Natural Light in Your Workshop

You’ll want to welcome in all of the sunlight to shed a little light on your summer projects. While many of our sheds come with window options, adding a custom transom window can elevate the style of your workshop as well as allowing in maximum sunlight. 

A transom window as an addition to a Westwood Shed to add natural light to this workshop space.

Crank Up the Electricity

You’re going to want to spend a lot of time this summer in your workshop, so adding on our Electrical Package is a no-brainer! Adding light, a ceiling fan, and outlets to your space means that you can create and craft with ease in your hobby shed.

A workbench and peg board set up inside of one of Westwood Shed's outdoor buildings.

Choose the Right Doors

Your workshop needs to have doors wide enough to bring in any of the equipment you might need to complete your summer projects – power tools, an artist’s easel, soil and seeds, the possibilities are endless! Plus, you can add on a ramp for easy access into your workshop without any heavy lifting. 

A ramp leading into an outdoor building for a shed or workshop.

So no matter what hobby you want to focus on, Westwood Sheds has you covered with options as customizable and personalized as the projects you’ll take on this summer. Find a Westwood location near you



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