6 Things You May Not Think to Look for When Buying a Shed

Safe to say, buying a shed is not part of your normal, everyday activity so here is a helpful shed buying guide to help you through the process. Like many 'big' purchases, it's often hard to know what to look for--what matters and what doesn't. With so many people purchasing storage buildings these days, below are a few key things you may not think to look for when shopping.

There is a huge difference between a pre-fab shed and a custom-built shed and there's more to look for than what you see on the outside.  We hope you find the tips (and how Westwood measures up) in this shed buying guide helpful.


Many low-quality sheds are built with untreated flooring simply nailed to the floor joists, making it susceptible to buckling and warping. Look for tongue and groove flooring; it slides together and locks for a stronger floor that prevents flexing and sagging between the floor joists.

At Westwood, we understand the importance of a solid foundation. We start with a sturdy, robust base constructed with 4" x 6" treated, notched beams.  2" x 6" treated floor joists 16" on center are covered with 3/4" tongue and groove LP Legacy Flooring, one of the industry's strongest, stiffest, residential sub-floors.

LP Legacy flooring coats wood strands with water-resistant resins using Gorilla Glue Technology® for exceptional stiffness. Panels are packed with more strands, resin, and wax to provide exceptional resistance to moisture and edge swell.





When considering the walls of a shed, there are a few components to review. A framed wall consists of 2" x 4" studs going up every 16 inches, and a 2"×4" top to hold it all together. The roof trusses sit on this top plate. To cut corners, some sheds have a single plate.  Westwood sheds have a double top plate giving the walls extra strength and stability. We also overlap the wall corners to lock together intersecting walls.

Sheds get HOT, especially in the South Carolina and Georgia heat. Whether you work in your shed or just use it to store things, you want your shed to be as cool as possible.  We offer siding options that reduce the sun's radiant energy, ultimately keeping your shed cooler.

Finally, most sheds are built with a 3/8" siding, which is actually too thin. Try pushing on the wall between the studs and see if there's "play" in it. We use a 7/16" siding that is slightly thicker, but noticeably sturdier.



Roofing material is vital for both the looks and longevity of the building.  You may think that choosing the roof type (metal or shingles) is the only thing to consider. However, not everything that matters is visible from your yard.

Our roofs are constructed of extra-strong engineered trusses and covered with high-quality shingles or metal. Radiant barrier sheathing lies just beneath the roof to keep your shed cooler in the hot summer temperatures.

Lower quality sheds constructed with sub-standard materials are much more likely to sag over time, especially in high-moisture environments.



No matter what you are using your shed for, you want it to look good. The material you choose affects the longevity of the building--how well it stands up to wind and weather, as well as how much maintenance will be needed.

At Westwood, you have several options to choose from.  Check out this brief comparison chart to help you choose the right siding for your building.


Feature #5 - DOOR QUALITY

An often overlooked feature is the quality of the doors on your shed. The last thing you want is a warped door that no longer fits snugly. Look for doors that are constructed for longevity and rigidity.

Westwood doors come standard with an aluminum support bar, door chains, and tensioners. We also add headers over doors for added strength.


Feature #6 - WARRANTY

A shed is an investment so you want to have confidence that it will last. When buying a shed, consider companies that stand behind their product and their craftsmanship.

Our sheds are constructed in South Carolina by a team of builders who have over 150 years of combined experience in construction trades. Westwood sheds are warranted for eight years from the date of installation against defects in material and workmanship.

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If you are in the market for a new shed, our experienced sales team is standing by to help.  We will walk you through every step of the process, from determining your needs to designing a shed that matches your style to finding the payment option that fits your budget. Because every shed is custom-built, we can provide a shed uniquely designed for you. Let us help with your problems.

If you simply need more tips on what to look for as you research this buying decision, we would be happy to answer your questions. Contact us, today and we will help you any way we can.

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