When Space is Tight…Build Your Shed On-Site

Westwood Sheds is driven to meet customer needs and exceed expectations in everything we do.  Our “yes we can” attitude” ensures you get whatever you need—no matter the obstacle. The majority of Westwood sheds are constructed at our shop located in Due West, SC.  However, sometimes access to the customer’s property prevents the delivery of a fully constructed shed. For these situations, we offer a build on-site option.

You may need to choose on-site construction when you have:

  • A small side yard or narrow entrance to your backyard
  • Fenced-in property
  • Landscaping obstacles
  • HOA restrictions

What's Included with Build On-Site

When you choose the Westwood build on-site option, all building specifications remain the same.  In fact, your shed is constructed by the same builders who build them in the shop.  We never contract out this work. Our builders pack up their tools and build the shed right at your location. In fact, did you know each Westwood shed is owned by one builder? He may need help lifting the walls, but one builder owns the process from start to finish.

With every Westwood shed, you get smart value:

  • Materials that work harder, last longer, cost less, and look better
  • A team of experienced builders that live, work and play in your community
  • Leveling blocks (if needed); you just have to provide a properly prepared site
  • Industry-leading 8-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
Build On Site
Build On Site

How Build On-Site Works

1 - Design Your Shed

Use our free shed designer tool to design the shed you need and want! An instant estimate is provided as you build your shed, allowing you to tweak and shape it to fit your budget. Once you have a design you love, submit your design for an official quote and you will be contacted by a Westwood sales representative.

If you would like help on your design from one of our experienced Westwood sales reps, skip to step #2 below.

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2 - Discuss Your Project with a Westwood Sales Rep

We have eight convenient locations to serve you, each staffed with an experienced Westwood representative who will coach you through the process. Be sure and tell the sales rep that you need the Build On-site option.

The sales rep will help you finalize your design and provide a final quote for the project which will include the fee for the build on-site option. The rep will also tell you when you can expect your shed build.


3 - Builders Arrive and Construction Begins

Your professional shed builder will call between 12 pm and 5 pm the day before onsite delivery to provide the time of arrival the next morning.

The team will bring all materials to the installation site and start building. We even paint your shed on-site, if applicable. Construction is typically completed in one day.


3 - Final Inspection and Approval

Upon completion, but before leaving the site, your Westwood builder will ask for your approval and answer any final questions you may have.


Let's Get Started

There’s no reason you can’t have the shed you’ve been dreaming of—whether it’s for storage, work, or your favorite hobby. With our build on-site option, there really is no obstacle in your way. We are here to help you make it happen! Contact us and let's get started.


Design and build a shed for life. Your life!

This free online tool allows you to see how much each shed costs. As you design your shed, you will see an instant estimate, allowing you to create a shed you love that fits in your budget!