A black shed with white trim by Westwood Sheds.

When Sheds Get Dark: Exterior Shed Color Trends

When it comes to picking the perfect shed for your space, there are a lot of factors to consider: size, style, shape, layout, functionality, and more. Are you looking for a large shed space that can be home to power tools and equipment? Are you looking for something smaller to meet a few additional storage needs? Or perhaps you’re looking to create that she shed or man cave experience with your shed? 

While all of these decisions are important to consider when you’re choosing one of Westwood’s custom sheds, there’s one decision that always seems a little more fun than others: color! While selecting the color for your shed may not be the most crucial decision to your shed’s functionality, it adds personality, uniqueness, and a personal touch to your shed.

Traditionally, sheds have trended towards classic barn-style colors, favoring whites or red with classic white or black trim. But as the design world begins to evolve towards darker, moodier palettes, the same changes are happening in the shed and storage world. Don’t be afraid to go bold and go dark with your shed; it not only makes a beautiful impact but it often disguises natural wear and tear that your shed endures in the elements. 

So how do you pick a shed hue that’s right for you? Check out our list of trending exterior colors for your shed this season:

Choosing a Shed Color

Earthy Brown Sheds

Browns provide the classic old-world barn feel with dark stain but offers a modern take on this timeless color. Pair with a traditional white trim, or go for a more vintage approach with our martin cream trim. 

A brown shed by Westwood Sheds sits on a lot with cream trim.
Photo by Dwayne Penny

Classic Red Barns & Sheds

Still love the classic barn red for your shed but ready to take it to a new and creative level? Deeper reds provides you with a darker red that is more subtle but still eye-catching for the shed in your space.

A shed with red siding and white roof and porch by Westwood Sheds.
Photo by Joshua Delivers

Modern Grays for your Shed

Gray has quickly become one of our most loved shed colors. It’s muted and minimal, but still unique and elegant for your outdoor space. Try reversing the light trim expectations, by trimming your gap gray shed in classic black or dark gray. 

A gray shred with dark trim by Westwood Sheds.
Photo by Joshua Delivers

Trending Greens

The design world as a whole is trending towards greens this year, and what better place to celebrate green than in your outdoor space? This green blends nicely with your surroundings, subtly making your shed part of your landscape. 

A green shed with green trim by Westwood Sheds.
Photo by Joshua Delivers

Classy Ebonies

A not-quite-black shade that is sure to dress up your shed. Our ebony hue is one that provides a little drama and not a lot of maintenance given its dark shade. Pair with white or beige trim for a rustic look that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

A black shed with white trim by Westwood Sheds.
Photo by Joshua Delivers

Your Shed. Your Choice.

Trends are great, but not for everyone. Curious about other color combos that you could create for your shed this year? Explore our shed design tool to give you full control of designing the shed of your dreams! 

When you choose Westwood, you get more than just a backyard shed.  You get the freedom to dream, freedom to design, and freedom to live. It’s your life and that’s why Westwood sheds are built for life. Whether you need a simple storage shed to blend in with your home or an eye-catching home office, we’re here to give your vision life.  Find a Westwood location near you



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