Storage for Christmas Decorations and More

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Some would even say it is magical. The sights and sounds of the season stir us in a way unlike any other. We spend more time with friends and family. We give more of our time and money. We spend more time at church. We eat more. We might even be a bit more patient, compassionate, and understanding. That is until...until it's time to take everything down and put it into storage.

Those first few days after Christmas are still emanating some of that holiday magic. You may still sit on the sofa with your hot chocolate and admire the glow of the Christmas lights.  But as the week goes on,  and the festivities wind down, you begin to see what's left-- a present-less tree and ornaments hanging on for dear life.

Then, you begin to remember what it was like a month ago, pulling everything down from the attic or out of the garage.  All that comes rushing back and you dread the thing you know you have to do:  TAKE IT ALL DOWN AND PUT IT BACK INTO STORAGE.

There has to be a better and easier way. You are right! There is a better way.

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Christmas Storage: A Better Way

You do not have to pile your decorations in your garage, taking up that valuable space you need for the new bikes, ATV, or maybe even a boat! You don't have to find yourself tiptoeing in the attic to avoid stepping through the ceiling! You can take back that valuable space in your bonus room. There is a better way to store your decorations.

Get a Backyard Storage Shed

A backyard storage shed is perfect for storing your Christmas decorations (and your new toys). When you choose a custom-built shed, you have the freedom to design it to suit your needs.  This includes lofts, shelves, peg boards, ramps, and much more.

These days so many people choose self-storage at a storage unit, but there are so many reasons why that is not the best option for long-term storage. A backyard shed is more convenient and affordable, especially with an easy-to-use Rent-to-Own program.

Maybe you are envisioning a cheap shed from your local home improvement store and you do not want that eyesore in your backyard. No need to worry. With multiple shed models and options to choose from, you can choose a shed that perfectly complements your home and your property.


More than Christmas storage

If Santa brought you a new toy this year--a big one--you can also use your shed to store and protect your shiny new tractor, golf cart, boat, 4-wheeler, motorcycle, bike, or other big equipment. Did you know you can add ramps and a garage door for easy access? Might we suggest the Westwood lofted barn model? You can put your Christmas decorations in the easy-to-access loft and use the shed floor for storing those fun toys.




Christmas might be coming to a close, but the gift-giving doesn't have to stop.  Give yourself the gift of storage and organization to start the new year off right. There's no need to fight with those attic stairs. You don't have to walk around the boxes in your garage the entire year. And who has time to patch a hole in the ceiling?

Come visit us at Westwood Sheds.  We have nine convenient locations in South Carolina and Georgia to serve you. You can also view our inventory online or design a custom shed from the comfort of your home with our free online shed designer tool. As you design your shed, we provide a cost estimate to help you build a storage building that fits your budget. Why not start the new year off with a great investment that will make your life so much easier?


Design and build a shed for life. Your life!

This free online tool allows you to see how much each shed costs. As you design your shed, you will see an instant estimate, allowing you to create a shed you love that fits in your budget!