Sheds: Free Delivery and Installation

If you are looking for a storage shed for sale near you, you probably have a lot of questions. Is it cheaper to build a shed or buy a prebuilt building? Do companies offer sheds with free delivery and installation? Do I have to pay for my shed upfront? How do I find sheds for sale near me?

A shed is an investment for your home and you want to be sure you make a good decision. In this article, we will talk about the importance and value of free delivery and installation.

Why is free delivery and installation important when buying a shed?

When buying a fully assembled shed, you obviously cannot pick it up and put it on your truck or trailer. It takes special equipment to load and transport the shed without causing any damage. It also takes special people who are trained to move these large storage buildings for a smooth delivery and professional installation process.

Westwood Sheds has the most modern equipment the shed industry offers. Your shed is delivered on a specialized truck and trailer.  We place it on your property as carefully as possible. Each of our delivery rigs is equipped with the famous shed Mule to assist with tight places and facilitate minimal property disturbance.

We will not just send anyone to deliver and install your shed. We have an epic delivery team who consistently receives rave reviews for their skill and careful attention to customers' property.

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What is the value of free delivery and installation?

A shed is a long-term purchase that may require financing or rent-to-own options. When deciding on a storage building, the cost is always a factor and it is important to understand the full cost. Some shed companies surprise you with additional fees for delivery and installation.

When we say free installation, we mean it. We set your shed up for you at no additional cost. This even includes the leveling blocks* necessary to lift it up off the ground and support it properly.

At Westwood, delivery is free with every shed purchase as long as you are within 30 miles of your Westwood Sheds location.  We have these nine convenient locations to serve you:

South Carolina: Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Lexington, Newberry, Spartanburg

Georgia:  Athens, Augusta, Commerce

*Westwood Sheds will include leveling for up a 2' variance from the high end to the low end. 

What does the process look like if I buy from Westwood Sheds?

Check out the video below for all the details about free delivery and installation at Westwood Sheds. You can also learn more by visiting our Delivery & Installation page.

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How much will it cost to buy a Westwood shed?

Yes, delivery and set-up are included in your purchase, but how much will your shed cost? We have options and sizes for every budget.  Here are some of our starting prices (as of 11/1/22). Check out our shed model pages for all available sizes and pricing.

The Carolina - Our premium model starts at $12,496 for a 12' x 20'

The Westwood - Our signature model starts at $5,618 for a 10' x 12'

The Monoslope - Our most-contemporary style starts at $6,046 for a 10' x 12'

Quaker - Our cottage/garden shed style starts at $4,040 for an 8' x 12'

Lofted Barn - Our traditional storage barn starts at $3,891 for an 8' x 10'

Utility - Our practical storage shed starts at $3,172 for an 8' x 8'

Value - Our most economical shed starts at $3,234 for an 8' x 12'

The best way to figure out how much your shed will cost is to use our Shed Designer tool, which allows you to build the shed you need. You pick the size, the color, and the options you need and we will instantly provide you with an estimate!

If you do not need a custom shed, check out the inventory at the location near you.  Just click the button below to find the shed location near you and view the in-stock shed inventory.

Choose your location to view shed inventory. 


Design and build a shed for life. Your life!

This free online tool allows you to see how much each shed costs. As you design your shed, you will see an instant estimate, allowing you to create a shed you love that fits in your budget!