More than Storage: How to Use Your Shed for Christmas

Photo source:  Pinecone Cottage Retreat

Winter is almost here and the holiday season is in full swing. Your storage or garden shed may seem useless these days.  The end of summer activities has probably left your shed untouched. However, with just a little effort, you can revive your building and use your shed for Christmas.

Here are a few ways you can find some much-needed space and bring a little life back into your backyard shed.

A Place to Wrap

Having a dedicated space for wrapping gifts is so helpful. You can have all of your supplies set up to use so you can wrap whenever you have a few spare minutes.  This saves time because you do not have to constantly pull things out and put them away.

Clear out an area in your shed for Christmas wrapping. Set up a folding table or any type of makeshift table (i.e. plywood) for the perfect Santa's workshop.  We suggest a space heater to keep you warm, some Christmas music to inspire you, and a warm caffeinated beverage to keep you going!

Photo 130863574 / Gift Wrapping © Andreaobzerova |
Photo 130863574 / Gift Wrapping © Andreaobzerova |

A Place to Hide

We're talking about hiding presents, but if you need a break from the holiday cheer, you can hide out in your shed too!

Your backyard storage shed is the best hiding spot for presents before or after you wrap them. This is especially helpful if you have curious kids, grandkids, or even a nosy spouse! If you have a Lofted Barn shed, hide them in the loft.  If you can't find anywhere to hide them, just put them in a box or storage tote and no one will be the wiser!

Photo 106703162 / Wrapping © Sarah Charlier |
Photo 106703162 / Wrapping © Sarah Charlier |

A Place to Entertain

Photo: Kaydeross Creek
Photo: Kaydeross Creek

Hosting family and friends during the holidays can be stressful because you don't have the space you need.

Here in the south, we have the advantage of having tolerable weather this time of year. With a little rearranging and some added touches, your backyard shed can become a great place to entertain--even if it is just used as overflow space.

Consider setting up a hot cocoa or coffee bar and encourage your guests to hang out and relax.  Add some heat, a few blankets, some snacks, and a few chairs and you instantly have the perfect party space. This is a great way to use your shed for Christmas!

Photo: The Backyard Gnome

A Place to Decorate

If your backyard is looking a little dark and dreary, why not add a little holiday sparkle by decorating your shed. Add a few lights, a wreath on the door, some garland, and even a small Christmas tree to the front of your shed.  If you have a she shed or man cave, you can even take the decorations inside.

Pinterest is a great place to get some decorating ideas.


Get More Out of Your Shed

We all know sheds are a great place for storage--especially for all those holiday decorations.  It is so much easier than pulling them down from the attic or finding a place for them in the garage.

However, we hope you have been inspired to find some new ways to use your shed this season. If you wish you had a shed in your backyard, we would be glad to help. You can visit us at one of eight locations or you can start by designing your dream shed online with our free Shed Designer tool.

We hope each of you has a very merry Christmas.  We'd love to see how you use your Westwood shed this holiday season. You can tag us on social media or email your photos to [email protected].


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