The Perfect Christmas Gift: Your Holiday Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and you are probably already working on all your to-dos, including your Christmas gift shopping list. You may not be thinking of a shed company as a holiday gift store, but we have some ideas we think you will love--for him, for her, and even for the kids!


For many children, Christmas is the most magical time of the year. From the twinkling lights and sparkly decorations to the tasty treats and holiday traditions, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

As a parent, you may be looking for that special gift that will be unique but will also be something that will last and be cherished. For a gift the whole family will enjoy for years to come, consider getting your kids their very own outdoor playhouse this Christmas.

Westwood playhouses are the perfect WOW gift. There's nothing like waking up on Christmas morning, looking out the window, and seeing your very own kid-sized house. There are so many ways a playhouse can be used, now and for years to come.

  • Playing house

  • "Camp outs" in all seasons

  • Arts and crafts studio (no mess in your house)

  • Reading and doing homework

  • Imaginary play

  • Birthday parties

  • Playroom for all those Christmas toys!



Experts say men go to their sheds to escape. It's a refuge for him to work, play, think, and relax. A shed is a safe place for a man to be himself and do his own things without any worry of upsetting the family.

Much like the excitement of your kiddos, we feel pretty certain the man of the house will have the same reaction if he sees a brand new building sitting in his very own backyard. Westwood sheds are custom-built to meet your exact needs.  Our sales team is experienced and equipped to help you design the perfect top-quality shed. TIP:  Consider the Lofted Barn and you will also get some extra space to store all of your holiday decorations.

Here are a few ways he might use this epic Christmas gift!


  • Workshop for tinkering and home projects

  • Hobby shop for his favorite pastime or collectibles

  • Garden shed

  • Man cave for hanging out with the guys

  • Workout room for upcoming New Year's resolutions

  • Home office

  • Garage for his prized car, motorcycle, or other toy


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Fabulizz Studio & Office

Traditionally, the shed is for the man to work in and store all of his lawn equipment {insert man grunt}.  However, many women are turning to backyard sheds for their own space and storage needs.

Part of the reason for the shift is the advancement in the design of sheds. With various styles, siding types, roof colors, and additional features, a shed no longer has to be an ugly metal structure in your backyard.

Women love architectural features like a front porch, transom dormers for more natural light, flower boxes, and residential door options. All of these things allow her to have a shed that's not just functional, but also beautiful!

Westwood sheds are custom-built to suit your wants and needs. Her she shed can be designed with a custom layout, window and door placement, and even built-in work areas.

  • Crafting and hobbies

  • Side hustle

  • Workout room for upcoming New Year's resolutions

  • Reading, writing, and relaxing

  • Home office

  • Gardening

  • She Shed for hanging out with the girlfriends

Get a free estimate when you design your shed with our free online tool.


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