Greenhouses by Westwood Sheds

Imagine having a space where your plants can thrive no matter what the weather is like outside. That's the magic of greenhouses! They make your garden look beautiful and provide the perfect environment for your plants to grow all year round. Westwood Sheds is thrilled to introduce our newly-launched greenhouse building available right now. Designed for both style and functionality, the Westwood greenhouse is the perfect choice for green-thumbed people like you. It’s crafted with care and boasts a charming appeal that will really make your backyard shine. 

Oh, and we almost forgot – you can choose from different greenhouse sizes and customize yours to match your unique needs. With a Westwood greenhouse, you can create the garden of your dreams. Enjoy growing your favorite plants, flowers, fruits, and veggies in comfort, even during colder months. Keep reading to learn everything about our greenhouse buildings.


The benefits of a greenhouse from Westwood Sheds

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Here's a list of the many great benefits greenhouses provide to avid gardeners:

  • Built to last: Made with 100% rot-proof materials, our greenhouses are a fortress against time and the elements. This means your greenhouse structure will be a durable and a long-term companion in your gardening journey.
  • Sleek and strong: The galvanized steel framing of a Westwood greenhouse is stylish and offers robust support, giving your greenhouse a modern edge without scrimping on strength.
  • Sunlight: With clear panels and perfectly positioned steel supports, your greenhouse can maximize sunlight exposure. This is the ideal environment to grow plants that thrive.
  • Climate control made easy: With a thermostatically-controlled fan, screen door, and operable window, managing the climate inside your modern greenhouse space is a breeze. This setup lets you dial in the perfect conditions for your plants, helping them thrive in just the right temperature and air circulation.
  • Effortless maintenance: Our greenhouses are designed with maintenance in mind. The professionally-spaced composite floorboards make cleaning a walk in the park. Spills, dirt, water – a quick rinse is all it takes to keep your space spick and span.
  • Easy watering: With the convenience of an installed hose bib, watering all the plants in your greenhouse is as effortless as turning on a tap. It's a hassle-free solution to keep your garden hydrated for lush, vibrant growth.
  • Fully wired: Illuminate and power your greenhouse effortlessly with an electrical installation that includes outlets and lights.
  • Ready-to-use flooring: Our greenhouse comes with its own floor, saving you the time and effort of laying down your own solution, However, you can order your custom Westwood greenhouse without a floor if you prefer.

What is the cost of a Westwood Sheds greenhouse?

The price of a greenhouse from Westwood Sheds varies depending on its size. Larger greenhouses will have higher prices due to the increased materials and construction costs involved. It's important to make sure you’ll have enough space in your greenhouse to meet all your needs. Keep this in mind when making your selection. You can purchase the greenhouse outright or opt for a rent-to-own (RTO) option. If you buy it outright, you pay the total price upfront and own the greenhouse immediately. Alternatively, the rent-to-own option allows you to pay for the greenhouse in manageable installments over time. This flexibility is ideal for those who prefer to spread out payments or don't have the funds for a lump sum purchase.

Here's a breakdown of our greenhouse costs as of March 2024.

Size  Price  Rent-to-own (RTO)*
8x12 $7,250     $335.65 p/m
10x12 $8,995     $416.44 p/m
10x16 $11,250    $520.83 p/m

*Greenhouses without floors are not eligible for RTO.

Are Westwood Sheds' greenhouse buildings customizable?

Absolutely! At Westwood Sheds, we understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to greenhouses, so customization is key. It's not just for size; you can also add additional shelving or a potting table to your greenhouse. These additions transform your greenhouse into the perfect workstation and storage space for all your gardening adventures.


Available greenhouse siding options

Our metal siding offers a thick 29-gauge panel that requires no maintenance, guaranteeing lasting durability. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 40-year paint adhesion warranty for long-lasting color vibrancy and protection. With over 15 siding colors to choose from, you can customize your garden greenhouse to suit your style.

Available colors include: 

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Gray
  • Burnished Slate
  • Taupe
  • Brown
  • Forest Green
  • Rustic Red
  • Crimson Red
  • Gallery Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Brilliant White
  • Light Stone
  • and more!

The Westwood Sheds greenhouse is a dream come true for plant lovers. Expertly crafted to ensure your garden looks stunning and your plants thrive, regardless of the weather. These greenhouses are a breeze to care for, available in various sizes, and can be tailored to suit your needs. With durable materials and an easy setup, you're guaranteed a garden that shines year-round.


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