Renting a Storage Shed vs. Renting a Storage Unit

From seasonal sports equipment that only sees the light of day a few months a year to holiday decorations waiting patiently for their annual debut - we often find ourselves drowning in possessions. It's a common dilemma: how to keep these items accessible and well-preserved without cluttering our homes. For many, the solution lies in securing additional storage space. But here's where the decision-making process gets interesting.

The debate between renting a storage unit and investing in your own shed has sparked a lot of discussions, leaving many wondering which path to choose. In this blog, we're here to shed light on the numerous advantages of opting for a rent-to-own shed like those available at Westwood Sheds over a conventional storage unit. From convenience to cost-effectiveness, we'll explore the exceptional benefits of a Westwood shed and how it can improve your life in the long run.

Choosing between a shed and a storage unit

Some of the most important factors to consider when making your choice between purchasing a rent-to-own shed and renting a unit at a storage center are the following: 



One of the most significant distinctions between rent-to-own sheds and renting a storage unit boils down to ownership. When you opt for a Westwood shed, you commit to a rent-to-own contract and pay a monthly fee for a predetermined duration. Once you've fulfilled all your monthly payments, the shed becomes your lifelong property.

On the other hand, although you also make monthly or weekly payments for a storage unit, you never acquire ownership of the unit.

The ownership granted by the rent-to-own process provides you with a long-term storage solution and can even contribute to the overall value of your property. Additionally, Westwood Sheds’ no-penalty early purchase option is a valuable feature that allows you to accelerate the process of obtaining ownership of the shed earlier than your contract states without penalty.



When selecting between a Westwood shed and renting a storage unit, the financial aspect is crucial. While it's true that the payments for a rent-to-own shed may appear higher in the short term, it's essential to recognize that they represent a sound investment in the long run. 

Additionally, your monthly rent-to-own shed payments are fixed for the agreed-upon term, allowing you to budget effectively. Storage buildings can increase their rental fees, leaving you less control over your long-term storage expenses.

A Westwood rent-to-own shed also opens up opportunities for generating extra income. Once you have paid for the shed in full, you can sublet or repurpose it for various uses, such as a workshop, home office, or hobby space.

Easy access to your belongings 

With a Westwood shed, you enjoy the convenience of having your belongings just steps away, right outside your door. This means you can access your items anytime you need them, day or night, on your own schedule.

On the other hand, when you choose a storage unit, you're forced to work around someone else's timeframe. If you require something from your storage unit, it often entails a trip to the storage building itself. This reliance on external factors can be inconvenient and time-consuming.


Security and control 

With your own shed, you have complete control over the security and organization of your belongings. You can install additional locks or security features to ensure your items are safe.

While storage units typically have security measures in place, you may have limited control over the security of your specific unit. You're also reliant on the facility's security procedures.



When taking part in a rent-to-own program, you can customize your Westwood shed to suit your specific storage needs. This means adding shelves, hooks, and racks to optimize space and organization.

Storage units come in standard sizes and configurations, limiting your ability to customize the space. You may need to rent additional units or replace the existing setup.



A rent to own shed provides a private space for your belongings. You can store personal or sensitive items without concerns about others accessing them, ensuring your valuable possessions remain confidential and secure.

In a shared storage facility, your items are close to those of other renters. While there is typically limited access, it's not entirely private, which may not be ideal for items that require an extra layer of privacy and security.


Maintenance and upkeep

As the owner of your shed, you're responsible for its maintenance and general upkeep. However, this also means you can ensure it's in good condition and address any repairs promptly, providing you with a sense of control and peace of mind regarding the condition of your storage space.

Maintenance and upkeep of the storage facility are the responsibility of the facility management. While they aim to maintain the facility, you have less control over its condition, relying on their diligence and responsiveness for any necessary repairs that are needed to keep your belongings safe.

Key Takeaway

When deciding between a storage unit and a Westwood shed, it's a good idea to consider factors such as ownership, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and security. With a Westwood shed, you own an asset, enjoy stable costs, and have easy access, customization, and enhanced privacy. In contrast, storage units lack ownership, may have rising fees, and entail inconvenience and security limitations. Overall, Westwood Sheds offer a smarter, more convenient, and financially sound solution for your storage needs.

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