10 Excellent Additions to Your Custom Shed Design

Are you considering buying a new shed? It's a fantastic investment that can significantly enhance your lifestyle. The perfect shed isn't one-size-fits-all. What you need is a space that's every bit as unique as you are.  

Whether you dream of an efficient DIY space, an organized storage building, or a work-from-home sanctuary, a reliable shed is your canvas for customization. In this blog, we'll walk you through a list of custom shed features worth considering for your shed's design. These additions maximize functionality and make sure your shed is a versatile space tailored just for you!

1 - Windows and skylights

Bring natural light into your shed with carefully positioned windows and skylights. This not only lights up the space but creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for all kinds of activities. Consider how your shed is situated to make the most of the natural daylight available.


2 - Doors

Make your shed more usable with the strategic addition of extra doors. You may want a side entry and a front entry door. Double doors create a larger opening for bigger equipment. You can also add a garage door to take functionality to new heights. The inclusion of a garage door facilitates seamless access for larger items, such as lawnmowers or bicycles, eliminating the hassle of maneuvering them through standard-sized doors.  

3 - Insulation and ventilation

We also recommend insulating the walls and roof of your shed to keep the temperature just right. Combine this with strategically-placed vents or windows, and voila! Your shed transforms into a cozy space, ready to weather any storm Mother Nature throws your way. 


4 - Built-in shelving and storage

Embrace the magic of custom-built shelves and storage solutions designed just for you. Tailor these creations to fit your tools, equipment, and essentials perfectly, guaranteeing easy access and banishing workspace chaos. Plus, with a custom shed filled with storage solutions, you can free up space in your house or garage while keeping your items organized and safely stored. 

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5 - Electrical outlets and lighting

You can power up tools, charge equipment, and extend your work hours by integrating electrical outlets and ample lighting into your shed. Remember, adequate lighting is crucial for a well-lit and safe workspace. 

6 - Exterior overhangs or porch

Elevate your shed's functionality and appearance by adding an exterior overhang or porch. This feature provides a covered outdoor space for plants or stepping out for a little air and enjoying your surroundings. Plus, it shields the entrance from the elements, improving the overall durability of your shed’s structure. 

porch 2

7 - Personalized workbench

Take your shed to the next level with a personalized workbench. This game-changer turns your custom shed into a buzzing hub for creativity. It's a dedicated zone for all your hands-on projects, DIY adventures, or green-thumbed gardening activities. 

8 - Colors

Express yourself by customizing your shed's exterior color. Choosing the right color scheme adds a personal touch to your space, whether it’s a calming retreat or a bright art studio. It’s all about making your shed a visual delight that complements your personal style and makes you feel happy when you spend time there.  


9 - Security features

Keep your shed's contents safe by incorporating robust security features. Install sturdy locks, motion-activated lights, or a security system to prevent unauthorized access and protect your tools and belongings. A secure shed safeguards your investments and provides peace of mind. 


10 - Multi-use furniture

Maximize your shed's potential by choosing furniture that pulls double duty. Think storage benches and foldable tables. These smart picks add function to your space without eating up precious room.

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