The new Monoslope shed by Westwood Sheds.

Introducing The Monoslope Shed

Looking for a shed that provides just as much aesthetic value as functional value? Look no further than our newest addition to our sheds for sale! Meet the Monoslope. Our light-filled, contemporary shed with a slanted roof is the perfect place for a she shed, hobby shed, garden shed, studio space, or more! With our expert design team always striving for excellence, we love iterating the traditional shed design to find new ways to bring beauty and versatility to your home.


So why the “Monoslope?”

With the single-slope slanted roof that provides that contemporary feel, the “Monoslope” name just felt right. But this shed does way more than just sit there and look pretty (although it definitely does add a distinctive style to your home!). It has unique functional qualities that make it perfect for any number of projects. Style meets function and your dream shed meets reality with the Monoslope! 

The Shed Windows


The star of the Monoslope shed – its transom windows. Unlike the window-less sheds that provide little interior light, the Monoslope boasts plenty of space for sunlight to stream in. With windows running across the entire length of the shed, the Monoslope is filled with natural light on the inside and bursting with charming architectural detail on the outside. 


Natural light from transom windows means it’s easy to use this shed in the daylight hours as a studio shed or a hobby shed – even without an electrical package add-on. For a garden shed, it’s even better, as your plant propagations can have natural sunlight while being protected from the elements in every season.

The inside of the new shed, The Monoslope has plenty of natural light for a studio shed.

The Shed Details


With Z-shutters, deluxe hinges, rafters, and classic gable vents, the Monoslope has the look of a building so perfectly polished someone might mistake it for a house! But all of these final details provide longevity and stability to your Monoslope shed. 


Like our Carolina shed, the Monoslope has 2 x 6 rafters that provide structural support for your shed to sustain plenty of wear and tear. Venting, hinges, and a diamond plate threshold also keep your shed cool and sturdy. 

Pro tip: Not seeing a detail that you want for your Monoslope? Consider customizing your build with a Handyman or Electrical package or upgrade with shelves, workbenches, and/or extra doors and windows.

The Monoslope shed offers unique details like z-shutters and transome windows.

The Roofing & Siding


What makes the Monoslope stand out? It’s a unique shed with a slanted roof! This roof has a 270-degree overhang that adds just the right amount of edge (perfect for the design-minded homeowner!). Available in our 25+ color finishes, the Monoslope can be customized to fit your specific style requirements. It’s also available in our​ vinyl, SmartLap, Smartside, and board & batten siding. 


A radiant barrier sheathing and an industry-leading warranty ensure that your Monoslope shed will stay well-protected against the elements and weather for years to come. Plus – the beautiful architecture and finish of this shed make it HOA-friendly and perfectly on-trend for adding value and beauty to your home! 

The overhang roof of the Monoslope shed makes it more than a storage building but something beautiful for your home.

So whether you're looking to create your dream she shed, a garden shed for plants to propagate, space for a home office or a studio shed to house your favorite hobby, the Monoslope brings light and life to the passion projects you love. Built with excellence in innovation; built for life. Find a Westwood location near you



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