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HELP! I Need a Garden Shed!

A garden shed is a portable storage building typically used to store lawn and garden equipment. However, it is can also be used as a workstation for those with a green thumb. As any gardener knows, it takes a lot of specialized tools and gear to be successful. A garden shed is a great place to store all those items that may be currently cluttering your garage. With the right features, you can also use your garden shed for potting, starting seeds, propagating cuttings, and dividing plants. The icing on the cake is that is provides a peaceful escape from the demands of life to enjoy your gardening hobby.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself if you are in the market for a garden shed.

How do I plan to use my garden shed?

If you need a garden shed to simply store your gardening and lawn equipment, start by laying out your equipment in your yard and then using stakes and line to determine about how much room you need.  This will help you determine the size shed you need. If you need a workstation for your gardening tasks, allow room for a workbench and maybe a pegboard for organizing your tools.

Illustration by Doug Adams | Source: This Old House
Illustration by Doug Adams | Source: This Old House

How much light will you need? When choosing a custom-built shed, you can choose the number of windows in your shed and possibly even add a transom dormer for more natural light.

Think about what you will be moving in and out of the garden shed. There are several door options to give you the access you need. Speaking of access, will you need ramps to get your lawnmower or other equipment in the shed?

No matter how you plan to use your garden shed, consider adding an electrical package. It’s always handy to have lights and outlets available when needed.

What is my style and how do I want my garden shed to look?

The classic saltbox style roof design is the most popular choice for garden sheds. However, you may love the look of a barn-style building or you may want to design a garden shed that resembles your home.

Depending on the shed model that you choose, you have the choice of several siding materials and color options. You can even choose the color of your traditional shingle or metal roof.

If you really want to make your garden shed the highlight of your neighborhood, you can dress it up with optional features such as a porch, flower boxes, door upgrades, and cupola.



Aside from the look of the shed design, you also need to consider the placement of the building in your yard.  Do you want it to stand out or blend in with its surroundings? Do you want it to be visible from the front of your home or would you prefer it be out-of-sight in the backyard?  Assess the access to the location you choose. If access is a problem, consider having your shed built-on-site.


Where can I find the shed I need?

There are basically three ways to get the garden shed of your dreams:  (1) Build it from scratch (2) Buy a DIY shed kit (3) Buy a fully assembled building. Let’s focus on #3.

If you choose to buy a fully assembled building, you can buy a standard building from your local home improvement store or you can have a custom garden shed built for you. This option may cost slightly more upfront, but you will thank yourself in the future when your shed is still standing strong.

Why should I buy from Westwood Sheds?

At Westwood Sheds, we custom build your shed. One builder constructs your shed from start to finish.  Every Westwood craftsman takes great pride in his work because he owns the project.  We have a “Yes We Can” attitude.  If you have a unique need, we will do our very best to find a solution.

“We want to build memorable sheds for our customers that make their dreams come true.”--Mike Yoder, Partner

Here's why you should consider a custom garden shed from Westwood sheds:

  • Better quality than stock sheds

  • Made in your community by your neighbors

  • Expert product specialists to help you with design

  • Built for your function and according to your style

  • Custom color matching available

  • Industry-leading 8-year warranty

  • Free delivery & set-up (within 30-mile radius)


Still Have Questions?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We also invite you to check out our FREE Shed Designer tool that allows you to virtually design your shed and then submit your design for a FREE quote that gets your shed price locked in for 30 DAYS.  It’s a great way to get started on your project. We look forward to helping you design the perfect garden shed.


Design and build a shed for life. Your life!

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