Choosing the Right Shed Siding Option

So you’ve decided to make the investment in a shed for your space. Whether you plan on using it as a storage building, a garden shed, a she shed, or a man cave, the next step in your shed investment is protecting your investment through our shed siding options! 

That’s right – shed siding does a lot more than make your shed look pretty (although it does that too!). Your siding actually works harder for you, protecting your shed against water damage, weather exposure, pests, and more. Shed siding also keeps you from having to get outside and repaint your shed every other summer as paint on wood inevitably chips and fades over time. 

With our five shed siding options, your shed will be protected from the elements no matter what siding choice you make. But depending on what your highest priority is when picking a siding option, you may find yourself leaning towards one of the following options:

What You Want from Your Shed Siding Option

If you want something that is durable…

All of our siding options at Westwood are known for their durability and exceptional warranties, so in this case, you can’t go wrong! Durability is key to all of our siding options. All of our siding options (except our metal siding) also come with a 7/16” radiant barrier sheathing to keep your shed cool even in the hottest temperatures. And with our engineered wood options (Board & Batten, Smartlap siding, and Smartside siding) – durability is the primary driver for the design of the materials. 

portable sheds materials

If you want something that is low maintenance…

When it comes to a siding option that requires very little maintenance, our Vinyl Siding option for your shed is a winner. It’s a no-rust, no-rot option that still has a wood-grain texture to make your shed feel organic and real.

Vinyl siding for sheds example swatch.
Vintage Cream

If you want something that provides aesthetic value…

Our brand new Board & Batten siding is a favorite for increasing the beauty of your shed and its appeal in your outdoor space. Made from engineered wood that is designed for durability, our Board & Batten siding brings the perfect blend of protection and beauty. 

The Board & Batten shed siding option on Westwood's Monoslope shed.
The Board & Batten siding option on our Monoslope shed

If you want something that is low cost…

Our metal siding option is a money-saver that still gives your shed plenty of protection. Its 29-gauge panel is maintenance-free and serves to keep your shed protected and dry for years to come. 

A shed with metal shed siding on it.
Our metal shed siding option is an affordable and durable option.

Wondering which siding options are available for the shed you want for your home? Take a look below! 

Carolina Westwood Monoslope Quaker Lofted Barn Utility Value


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