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Introducing Westwood Sheds’ Chicken Coop Packages: The Perfect Solution for Raising Chickens

Raising chickens in your backyard is a rewarding hobby that promotes sustainable living and saves on the cost of store-bought eggs. Plus, watching chickens scratch around, take dust baths, and interact with each other can be surprisingly entertaining!But when it comes to raising healthy, happy chickens, a safe and secure place for your feathered friends to call home is a must.A well-designed chicken coop offers chickens everything they need to thrive – warmth, shelter from the elements, a steady supply of food and water, and a secure space to roam.

At Westwood Sheds, we understand the importance of a quality chicken coop. That's why we offer a unique solution: chicken coops conveniently attached to storage sheds! Many of our shed models can be customized to include a seamlessly integrated coop. This offers the ultimate convenience: a secure, state-of-the-art storage space for your gardening tools or outdoor equipment, with a separate, well-designed coop for your chickens. Your chickens will have their own safe haven, ensuring their well-being while protecting your stored items.

This guide will explore the benefits of a high-quality chicken coop and give you some quick tips on beginning your journey of raising chickens.

Chicken Coop Nesting Box and Coop

The benefits of a high-quality chicken coop

While any enclosed space could technically house chickens, a well-designed coop offers many benefits for your chickens (and you!). Here's why investing in a good chicken coop is a wise decision:

Improved chicken welfare

A coop is the perfect place to raise chickens, providing shelter from harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and extreme temperatures. Your chickens will be more comfortable, leading to better overall health and well-being.

Protection from predators

With sturdy construction and predator-proof features like secure doors and wire mesh, a coop protects your chickens from foxes, raccoons, and other animals that might see them as a tasty meal.

Disease prevention

A clean, well-ventilated coop with proper drainage helps prevent the spread of diseases that can harm your clucking pals.

Better egg production 

Chickens that feel safe and secure are more likely to lay eggs consistently. A secure and comfy coop reduces stress for your chickens, significantly improving egg production.

Proper nesting boxes

A good coop is equipped with adequate, well-designed nesting boxes, giving your hens a quiet, private space to lay their eggs. This helps prevent broken eggs and keeps them clean.

Aesthetic appeal

A well-designed coop can be an attractive addition to your backyard, blending seamlessly with your landscaping and adding a touch of charm to your property.


Beginner's guide: how to start raising chickens

Raising chickens can be a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Kids (and adults!) can learn about animal care, responsibility, and where their food comes from. Here are 5 top tips to help get you started.

Do your research

Before diving in, it's crucial to do your research. Learn about the different chicken breeds, temperaments, egg-laying capabilities, and suitability for your climate and space. 

Also, consider noise levels, how many chickens you'd like to raise, and the time commitment involved in caring for your flock.

Check local regulations

Sadly, some cities and towns may have regulations regarding keeping chickens in your backyard. Check with your local authorities to make sure chicken coops are permitted and to understand any specific requirements you need to follow.

Gather essential supplies

You'll also need to stock up on essential supplies for your chickens, like: 

  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Nesting boxes with comfortable bedding
  • A dust bath area 
  • Chicken feed (consider both chick starter and adult feed, depending on their age)
  • Grit for their digestion
  • A source of calcium for strong eggshells

Decide on chicks or adult hens

Let's face it: chicks are adorable, but they require more care and attention. On the other hand, adult hens will start laying eggs sooner. Still, they may have established personalities and potential health issues. Consider your experience level and preferences when making this decision.

Find a reputable breeder or hatchery

If you're getting chicks, choose a reputable breeder or hatchery that sells healthy birds. Ask questions about their breeding practices and make sure the chicks are vaccinated for common diseases.

Chicken Coop Nesting Box Access Door

The power of a joint storage shed and chicken coop

There are many benefits you can enjoy by investing in a storage shed/chicken coop combo for your outdoor space! It smoothly merges two essential backyard elements into a single unit, saving valuable space and minimizing clutter. This dual-purpose structure is ideal for smaller yards, where having separate sheds and coops could make the space feel overly cramped.

The storage component of the shed can be used for traditional storage of lawn equipment and household items or you can safely use the space to store animal feed and supply away from the chickens. A few key components of the chicken coop package:

  • Daylight-activated door for chickens
  • Nesting box and roost
  • Exterior access to nesting box and eggs
  • Electrical outlet and light
chicken coop

Key takeaway

Raising backyard chickens is a rewarding and sustainable hobby for your entire family. But ensuring the safety and comfort of your chickens – and ultimately enhancing egg production – hinges on having a well-designed coop. To kickstart your journey, start by researching local regulations, gathering necessary supplies, and selecting reputable breeders. Then, explore innovative solutions like integrating a storage shed with a chicken coop to maximize space and durability, guaranteeing your chickens' safety regardless of the weather.


Design the perfect storage shed/chicken coop combo

It's time to explore the perfect storage shed for your needs at Westwood Sheds. Once selected, your new addition can be customized with a state-of-the-art chicken coop. Proudly constructed right here in Due West, SC, our sheds are the product of over 150 years of combined expertise in skilled craftsmanship. We use only residential-quality materials to guarantee durability and elegance in every build. Enjoy the convenience of free delivery within a 30-mile radius and the assurance of an 8-year warranty on your purchase. At Westwood Sheds, transparency is key – we guarantee no hidden fees or costs. Plus, we offer flexible payment options to suit your budget.

Visit one of our 10 locations in South Carolina and Georgia and our shed specialists will help you create the perfect shed for you, your backyard, and your feathered friends. 

Prefer to design your own shed? Have fun with our easy-to-use online estimator, allowing you to customize our sheds until you find your perfect match.



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