Shed Sales Person

TITLE: Shed Sales Person
WORK: Full-Time employee with flexible hours
QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Driver’s License, retail sales experience & eligible to work in the United States
SUPERVISOR: Sales Manager
START DATE: Available in Q1-Q3
PAY: Sales Commission; approx. $50k-$100k annually (depending on experience, sales and bonuses)


• Manage a sales pipeline of sales leads using online CRM systems.
• Sell storage sheds, gazebos and carports to online & in-person sales leads.
• Keep an organized, clean and safe sales location with inventory on hand to sell.
• Complete sales paperwork and processes accurately and timely using software/systems as provided.
• Listen and communicate well with Sales Manager & co-workers.
• Exemplify Westwood Core Values.


• Communicate professionally, clearly, and timely with all sales leads. Inappropriate and discriminatory language is not acceptable.
• Assess and help fill the storage needs of sales leads.
• Accurately configure new build sheds for customers and on-lot inventory.
• Complete sales & finance paperwork, collect signatures and deposit money to complete a sale.
• Perform customer site checks as needed to determine project feasibility.
• Keep a clean, warm, friendly and safe sales environment at designated sales location.
• Be present at the sales location during posted hours.
• Communicate clearly and courteously as needed with Order Processing, Plant Manager, Sales Manager and co-workers in order to complete accurate orders.


• Valid Driver’s License and reliable vehicle.
• Basic computer and office environment knowledge and skills.
• Professional dress, language and manners.
• Able to communicate, document & report using online technology tools such as chat, email, calendar, 3d- configurators, CRM systems, etc.
• Be motivated to work and able to follow instructions and directions; team-oriented, personally motivated and individually responsible.
• Operate efficiently and communicate clearly to help the team to achieve excellence.


• Sales commission paid on a weekly basis.
• Average beginning pay: $50k - $60k for the first year, based on experience and production. This rate typically rises as familiarity with the job increases.
• Experienced pay: Our experienced sales team sees annual pay of $75k - $100k depending on production.
• Monthly bonuses based on sales targets met.


• Vacation Pay: One work week (5 business days) annually, reimbursed at an average weekly pay rate for 40 hours. Benefit does not roll over if unused. Valid after one year of full-time work at Westwood.
• Holiday Pay: Six days off for special holidays, reimbursed at an average weekly pay rate for 8 hours per day. Holiday Pay is only for days off work (you can’t work and collect holiday pay). Benefit does not roll over if unused. Valid after three months of full-time work at Westwood. Holidays are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
• Work Comp Policy: A work/comp policy is in place.
• Westwood Vacation: A 3-week vacation with paid time off and a travel stipend can be taken after the 6th year and during the 7th year of work at Westwood.