Plant Assistant


Westwood Sheds is a portable storage building company. We build storage spaces for residential and commercial customers in South Carolina, & Georgia. You can find us online at and on Facebook. Our Core Values are:

Partnership; Work together for the success of each other and our company. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” -       
   Ecclesiastes 4:9

Innovation; Meet challenges and opportunities with a “yes” attitude.  “The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground.” - Genesis 2:7

Excellence; Do our work in the best way possible. ○ “He saw that it was very good.” - Genesis 1:31

Fun; Enjoy and celebrate life! ○ “A merry heart does good.” - Proverbs 17:22

TITLE: Plant Assistant
WORK: Full-Time Employee
QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Driver’s License & Completion of Forklift Safety Course
SUPERVISOR: Plant Manager
STARTING PAY: Hourly, approx. $12 - $16/hr.


• Receive and store Raw Materials safely and efficiently.

• Assist Plant Manager(s) with inventory management/control and organization.

• Assist Plant Manager(s) with other general duties as directed.

• Listen and communicate well with Plant Manager(s).

• Exemplify Westwood Core Values.


• Safely receive deliveries of Raw Materials, typically semi-truck or box delivery trucks.

• Check deliveries against Packing Lists and provide delivery receipts to Plant Manager(s).

• Place delivered Raw Materials in appropriate storage locations.

• Observe and report Raw Materials that are low in stock.

• Perform Monthly Counts of Raw Materials

• General clean-up of plant and grounds, run errands, and miscellaneous as directed by Plant Manager(s)


• Could be an apprentice to later transition to Build Crew for Sheds or Cabins.


• Valid Driver’s License

• Forklift Safety Course

• Basic construction knowledge and skills, including eye-hand coordination, safe use of power tools and equipment, etc.

• Able to communicate, document & report using tools such as chat, email, calendar, etc.

• Be motivated to work and able to follow instructions and directions; team-oriented, personally motivated and individually responsible.

• Operate efficiently and communicate clearly to help the team to achieve excellence.

• This can be a physically demanding job, as most blue-collar, construction work tends to be. Physical fitness is a priority, a prospect will need to be physically fit and capable.


• Hourly pay w/ overtime (1.5x over 40 hours) will be paid on a weekly basis.

• Estimated Pay Range (depending on experience)

    - $12 - $16/hr.

• Review after 90 days in this position.


• Vacation Pay: One work week (5 business days) annually, reimbursed at regular hourly

pay rate for 40 hours. Benefit does not roll over if unused. Valid after one year of full-time

work at Westwood.

• Holiday Pay: Six days off for special holidays, reimbursed at regular hourly pay rate for

8 hours per day. Holiday Pay is only for days off work (you can’t work and collect holiday

pay). Benefit does not roll over if unused. Valid after three months of full-time work at

Westwood. Holidays are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas

• Birthday Pay: A paid day off on your birthday is possible, under a few conditions.

• Must make breakfast for the entire crew at HQ on your birthday or within one day.

• Must share a 15 +/- minute talk of a snapshot of who you are.

• Work Comp Policy: A work/comp policy is in place.

• Westwood Vacation: A 3-week vacation with paid time off and a travel stipend can be taken after the 6th year and during the 7th year of work at Westwood. (see Addendum A for details)

• Bonuses: Bonus eligibility based on tenure, production, company profitability, and Core Values score.


Employees tax form will be a W2. Appropriate taxes will be withheld, based on completion of a W4. Westwood will collect and pay federal and state income tax, and social security on behalf of all employees. Payroll tax will also be paid on behalf of employees which will reduce the social security amount paid by the employee. Westwood may extend to qualified individuals the option to be a partner in the company, pending approval as outlined in the Westwood Partnership Agreement. Additional information can be disclosed upon request after the initial 90-day introductory period.

The Westwood Vacation

1. Purpose
   a. To recognize and honor our people who stay with our company for an extended period of time.
   b. To recognize the Biblical principle of the Sabbath and the need to rest.

2. Qualifications
   a. 6 years of full-time employment at Westwood.
   b. To be taken during the 7th year of full-time employment at Westwood.
   c. Vacation schedule must be approved by supervisor, recognizing busy seasons and other scheduled vacations.

3. Vacation Pay
   a. 3 weeks of paid vacation using the Westwood vacation pay calculation method.
   b. A cash bonus equal to 7% of annual income, averaged from the previous 3 calendar years.