Add Value to Your Home…and Your Life

We get it. Saving money has become a new-found hobby for most of us. Gas prices keep going up. Renting a beach condo for a week is like buying a house. And how much did you say the grocery bill was last week? At Westwood, we want to help you add value to your home--and your life!

When it comes to saving money, one of the best ways to save is to treat your purchase like an investment. Spending on things that help you to invest in your home, your activities, and your life can actually be a great way to save in the long run!

So instead of spending on that one-time vacation or that impulse purchase, investing in a Westwood shed can actually add value to your home and your life – so that you save more in the long run, spending time and energy on your at-home projects and interests.

Investing in a shed you'll use for life or 4-day vacation that'll be over before you know it?
Investing in a shed you'll use for life or 4-day vacation that'll be over before you know it?

How do you add value to your home? Build a Shed!

At Westwood Sheds, we’ve been committed to getting you more shed for your money through lots of economic hills and valleys. Instead of overspending, add value to your home by investing in a project that will give you your own DIY greenhouse, tool shed, pool shed, garden shed, painting studio – or any number of at-home activities. That impulse purchase satisfaction won't last, but our sheds are built for life – so you’ll be enjoying that investment for many years to come.

Here’s five reasons why you’ll get more shed for your money this summer at Westwood Sheds:

1. Your Shed will Keep its Cool

No matter the weather, our sheds are built with a radiant barrier that keeps them from overheating. With gable and ridge venting your shed will cool down even faster. If you add on one of our electrical packages – boom, you’ve got a fan running in no time, making your shed cool and convenient on a hot summer day. 

A shed garage by Westwood Sheds with a roll up door.
A radiant barrier and gable and ridge venting keep your shed cool even in the hottest months.
Two electrical outlets and an electrical switch on the wall of shed.
Our electrical package allows you to upgrade your shed with electricity at your fingertips.

2. Your Shed will Stand Strong

Instead of spending money on a week’s-long vacation, spend it on a shed that can stand the test of time. Our sheds are built to last with double top plating with overlapping corners, metal threshold plates, and headers over doors, our strong and tough sheds make the most of your money. 

Headers over doors and increased door rigidity makes our sheds stand strong.
Headers over doors and increased door rigidity makes our sheds stand strong.
Two men drill in the wood floor of a shed.
Treated and notched floor beams make the foundation of your shed sturdy.

3. Your Shed will Deliver Itself

Okay, well technically, our talented delivery and installation fleet will deliver your shed, but with free delivery and installation, it will feel like your shed delivered itself! Forget the hassle with those build-it-yourself, DIY sheds or the expensive delivery and set-up fees. Saving money and investing at the same time! 

A man stands delivery a shed with a forklift.

4. Your Shed is Built for Life

When you invest in a Westwood shed, you’re not just investing in a one-time product. You’ll receive our outstanding warranty – one that leads in our industry. Our 8-year warranty means that you can relax, knowing your shed will be around to enjoy no matter what the economists are forecasting.


"We want people to thrive and have the space, margin, and freedom they need to live well." --Arlan Riehl, Partner

5. Your Shed is Purchased on Your Terms

In any economy, we know that everyone needs the flexibility to make the budget decisions that make sense for them. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans, including our Rent-to-Own offering. Invest over a short time to get the shed option you’ll love for a long time. Explore more about our payment options. 

Ready to add value to your home and your life? Ready to save money and invest in some backyard renovation goodness? Explore each of our sheds or use our custom shed designer toolThe shed you build comes with the promise of all Westwood products, designed and crafted with excellence: built for life. Find a Westwood location near you



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